[SOLVED] Lightmap textures making model black

I am testing out lightmap textures for a project ,here is light map textures baked in blender

Here are baked textures IN PLAYCANVAS Editor

Here what might editor look after I have applied baked textures ,can any ony tell me what I am doing wrong

here is my project, Help me on this what am I doing wrong


Hi @Nofil_khan!

I have no experience on this, but looking at your project I think you need to enable the ‘Lightmapped’ option on the render component of your entities.

When I load your project, I see this in PlayCanvas, which seems to be what you expect? Have you managed to sort it out?

@Albertos @mvaligursky i did not anything it just worked upon relaoding scene let me test with another scene

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There were some issues with accessing assets earlier. E.g. skybox could be missing in the Editor, etc. It was probably related. This should be fixed now.

I am testing it with another scene

I just baked the light maps in blender and bring them to light maps of material and it worked perfectly ,i even dont check light map texture for per entity