[SOLVED] Lightmap explain

i gently ask to clarify me the use of lightmap in a scene.
i tried to lightmap a scene in the editor, and the shadow “stay” on the plane. but if i disable the light
and test the scene, it appear dark. what i’m doing wrong? it is not as bake light? i have to keep enabled light even if has been baked in the scene? thank you

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Hi @sici and Welcome,

Do the models have UV1s? as lightmapping won’t work without them. Here is a good tutorial on how to correctly setup runtime lightmaps in the editor:

If the above link doesn’t solve your issue, would you be able to share a repro of the issue?

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hello mr Haider,
i just tested a scene with a simple cube generated with playcanvas and a plane.
i already followed the link, but when i click on “test” (play button) with the lighr disabled, the scene is simply dark.


thank you.

as i understand, if i bake a light inside playcanvas and don’t set it for dinamic scene, it doesnt affect runtime. so, i can keep the light in the scene, without affecting performances on runtime. am i saying right?

I made a fork and it is working correctly for me, even though the light is enabled, it is only effecting lightmapped objects and not dynamic objects, there is checkbox on the light “Affect Dynamic” which I have disabled.
As you can see the profiler as well, it shows the information about lightmapping
Screenshot 2022-02-02 013812

i think i understand. i am doing a more complex scene wich will benefit of lightmap.
So, thank you for your time. :slight_smile: