[SOLVED] Light in IE11 and Edge not working

Any type of light is not showing in this example in IE11 and Edge.
Can anybody please tell me what is the reason for this and how to fix this.


I see it doesn’t work on edge and works fine on chrome, but without the link to the project is hard to tell why

Looks like you have found a graphics engine bug, @kislaySharma! If you ever suspect you’ve found a bug in the engine runtime, feel free to submit an issue on our open source project on GitHub.

If you’re not a GitHub user, I can do that for you. But I really need a source project that reproduces the issue. This makes it easy to figure out what the scene’s lighting configuration is. This project you link to is private so I’m assuming you don’t want to make it public. If so, can you reproduce this in a minimal scene? Thanks!

@will @ayrin I have created a fork of the original task. Here is published link. Task name is CubeTaskForDebug.

The explanation for what’s going on is here. Essentially, this is a browser bug in both Safari and IE. Workaround is to not use PNGs with alpha channel because it gets premultiplied on load.

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The explanation above and in the link provided fixed the issue :relieved:. Thank you