[SOLVED] Legacy Components

This thread relies around the legacy Model + Animation components being replaced with Render + Anim components:

What made for this change? It’s far easier and flexible using the older method, just the thought of this being removed in a later version kinda bothers me.

I understand the addition, I just don’t find myself utilizing it as much as intended due to light docs/resources to reference from.

For example, Character importing + animations is much easier to setup using the older method.

Not too far into Animation State Machines, considering premade .fbx animations this makes the task more tedious. (Removal of Animation component)

Mandatory updates are required for already implemented features upon the removal of such components.

Hi @khaelou,

I understand what you mean, the PlayCanvas team can comment on the design behind this choice @yaustar.

If you are using model/animation components in existing project, although they will not receive most likely any additional features, expect them to be around for a long time. The PlayCanvas team has a long history on doing its best to not break older projects with each new engine version.


I got ya, I just feel that moves like this will push away less-experienced JS devs looking into the engine or already using it for existing projects.

I understand growth, yet some things are perfectly fine how they are.

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The render component workflow was so that people could import models and have the hierarchy in the editor to edit, add scripts to nodes in the model etc. It’s been a heavily requested feature.

The same with the state driven anim component.

We’ve also made the anim component as flexible as possible so thay it can be used in many ways including not needing to create a state graph at all.


The features such as layering, blending etc of the anim component can be used ways to help reduce the amount of bespoke animations. We have one developer that has effectively created 30+ ‘animations’ from 8 actual animations using layering and weighting (work tbd)

Cem is using the state graph animation in their upcoming game too https://twitter.com/cemdemir?t=JZMDTuKwyGqofeVdm0APkA&s=09

The anim component can also be used with the model component.


I don’t expect the model or animation component to be removed till engine 2.0

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I understand the advantages, yet the only drawback is that it will still be removed eventually, by then I should have learned the new components though.

It’s frustrating to know I’d need to re-implement the core character setup for long-term projects.

Thanks, this is useful considering future builds