[SOLVED] Issues with the jumping animation

I seem to have encountered an issue with a jumping animation. I recently imported this jumping animation from Mixamo and in the preview, it looks like it’s going to be a perfectly functioning jump, however, when I tried it out, the jumping animation looks extremely bugged as in my legs are behind me and I don’t know how to fix it.


Hi @Whimsy!

Are you sure your character is suitable for the animation?

I’m using the default Y-Bot that came with the Third Person Movement pack, this is usually supported on Mixamo?

Most likely yes, but I suggest to test the animation also with the specific character of Mixamo.

Maybe you can share your export settings as well.


If you share a link to the specific animation I will also give it a try when I have some time.

Any of the jump in place ones, please :grinning:

Sorry, do you mean all jump animations are not working correct?

Can you share an editor link of your project as well please?


Not only the jumping, but some of the animations I import from Mixamo don’t work :frowning_face: This is a sprinting animation

Alright, I also couldn’t get a working animation from Mixamo anymore.

Even with different PlayCanvas example projects and Mixamo export settings, I had no success.

I would like to ask the @playcanvas_team to investigate this issue.

Alright, thank you anyway! :grin:

Can you provide a repro FBX please? I just downloaded a skin and animation from mixamo that worked fine.

Hi @slimbuck!

Thanks for your reply!

Which character do you use and what are the export/import settings?

You can find a not working jump animation from Mixamo in the user’s project.


That project doesn’t have the original model FBX.

If I download the model from mixamo and convert it myself animations work fine PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine.

I tried one of the animations in your project and that’s working.

Any idea why the animations are not working in the PlayCanvas example project?


How are these animations not working for you?

Running around on that page works fine and loading the project and running that works for me too.

Yes, but you need to upload a new animation (and replace for example the Idle animation for testing).

I assume the character of the example project is the same character that is used for the other blue bot animations of Mixamo?

Ahh, right ok.

Mixamo has probably updated their skin/skeleton and so using the old skin with new animations (or visa-versa) is broken. Not much we can do about this TBH.

As I say, I tested new skin with new animations and it works fine for me.

Okay, good to know!

I had a slight suspicion that something like this might be the case, but this seemed unlikely to me.

This basically means that users who want to extend the PlayCanvas example project, have to replace the character and all current animations.

Thanks for your help! :pray: