[SOLVED] Issues with textures in the editor


Quite often, I don’t see the full properties of a texture anymore (no resolution, compression settings…) and I cannot figure out why but it’s quite handicapping.

No working:


It seems to happen when I activate basis and when I remove the source texture.

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@slimbuck might need to investigate.

Thanks! Another developer on my team has the same problem on a different project so I suspect there’s a bug in the latest version of the editor.

By the way, do you get any errors in the console?

@iXperiential Do you have a project we can take a look at that highlights the problem?

TypeError: pc.Texture.calcGpuSize is not a function
at qp._calculateSize (editor.js:32:1827068)
at qp.link (editor.js:32:1836904)
at editor.js:32:1939981
at Array.forEach ()
at vu.link (editor.js:32:1939818)
at n. (editor.js:32:1944692)
at n.emit (editor.js:1:1885)
at n. (editor.js:32:1304829)
at n.emit (editor.js:1:1885)
at Selection. (editor.js:32:881940)
at Selection.emit (editor.js:1:1885)
at editor.js:1:88921
at sentryWrapped (bundle.min.js:2:51939)

@will I cannot make it public but I can invite one of the PC team members to it if you want. Just give me a username.

I see the problem, thanks for the callstack, we’ll fix it in the next few days, sorry about it.

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Awesome! thanks!

A fix for this has been deployed.

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Thanks guys! You rock!

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