[SOLVED] Issues with switching emails on PC

So, I want to change my email for my PC account. I have an email I can switch it to, I have been sent the first confimation code on the email I wish to switch my email to on PC, but here is the problem. It asks for my current email to confirm the switch, so it sends a confirmation to my current email, but the problem is I cannot receive emails outside of my domain (i used my school account to sign up). So I cannot complete the final step. Could I get some help on this?

@Maverick_Paris, avoid spamming other people’s posts. Open a new topic if you have a question or request, or use a topic that you’ve already opened.

@Leonidas Thanks.

oh sowwy

@Dylan_McDorman DM me your username, old email address and new email address. I may also need to ask you some security related questions about the account.

@yaustar, ok