[SOLVED] Issues with ammo.js library

Hi, I referred to this page ( Updating ammo.js | Learn PlayCanvas) but still can’t get my project fixed. First of all I don’t see a toggle box to enable and disable physics library and second of all I have tried importing and not importing ammo.js library in my project but somehow both of these cases shoot a source file error. Can anyone assist me with this problem?
I am attaching all relevant snapshots for better understanding.

Hi @farzan,

Can you add to me the project to take a look? (user slimbuck). Difficult to know without looking.


@slimbuck I have sent you an invite, kindly check and let me know what’s going wrong. Thanks in advance!

I get out of memory error:

@slimbuck so what is this about? and how do I get out of this?

Hi @farzan!

Is this correct?

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It looks like this project is creating many mesh-based collision objects. Do you need them all? Presumably these meshes are taking up too much memory.

@Albertos, yes it is correct
The ‘+’ before the variable name converts the tag from string to integer

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@slimbuck I do need them all, how do I go about it now?

Hi @farzan,

If possible I’d suggest trying to create less collision data. Perhaps you can use simplified meshes for collision?

Failing that the ammo library is compiled with a maximum default memory limit. You could recompile the library yourself with an increased limit. (see GitHub - kripken/ammo.js: Direct port of the Bullet physics engine to JavaScript using Emscripten for more details).


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@slimbuck, I appreciate you looking into it and assisting me with the problem; the issue was resolved by creating a simpler mesh collision.