[SOLVED] Is there any way to get the callback loaded from a glb?

I’m loading glb through script,I want to execute a method after glb rendering,Is there any way to know when glb rendering is completed and displayed?

That callback where the cursor is is the callback you asking for.

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new project link:PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I want to change the material of glb when it is loaded.
But it seems that this method cannot be called.

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In the project you’ve posted, you are listening for the binary asset to be loaded which is not the same as when the GLB binary is loaded at runtime to be added to the scene.

I’ve forked the project to do this in a way that I would do this via events.

After the GLB model is added to the scene, I fire an event on the Entity that TestFindMaterial is listening for to change materials.

Project: https://playcanvas.com/project/1022156/overview/f-load-glb-demo

okay,thx :slight_smile: My negligence