[SOLVED] Is there an way to chance this.app.power preference

I want to chance this.app.render.power preference for an quality menu but I coudnt find this any where

I want to chance runtime the render settings down bellow.

then I wanted to acces power preference and chanc this to → low power → default → high power

annyone that knows how to acces this?

You can’t change it at runtime because it is used when the WebGL context is created.

If you need to change how much ‘power’ your app is using at runtime, you would need to reduce the demand. Eg lower resolution, disabling auto render, disable shadows etc

alright thanks for the verry quick responds

any idea what else I could chance for lowering the performence at runtime? maybe shadow quality

Please see edited response. Changing maxPixelRatio on the graphics device is a quick way to lower/increase resolution of the app/game.

thanks! awsome help!