[SOLVED] Is there an example editor project using mesh generation?

I’m trying to understand how to work with PlayCanvas Examples and struggling at converting it into a format for a typical editor project.

Can someone by any chance point me to a PlayCanvas Editor project which uses that mesh-generation logic - specifically, where the .y coordinate of grid vertices is animated to move up/down relative to some input?
(in the case of that PlayCanvas Engine Example, the .y coordinate moves relative to light-sphere positions).

Thank you!!

Hi @Vdizzle,

Here I’ve converted that engine example to an editor one, hope it’s of help:



@Leonidas you are a saint and a champion - thank you kindly!!!

Exactly what I was looking for, and also super educational to see how you converted the Engine code to Editor format.


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In case this version could be helpful to anyone else - I slightly modified @Leonidas 's project to take mouse input (tap, press, tap) and deform mesh according to input’s XZ position.


mesh deform touch


That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing.

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