[SOLVED] Is there a way to make the scene brighter / stand out, but only for the editor?

So, I’m making a game that’s very dark.
The player has a flashlight so it can see, but I have nothing in the editor to help me see the scene.
Is there a way to modify the exposure or anything that can make me see in the editor?

Hi @Sewbak,

There isn’t an editor specific setting for that, you will have to either enable/disable a light or the exposure in your project rendering settings.

Or write a small script that puts back your lighting in production mode when the game launches.


Thanks for the really quick reply.
I just discovered that there is a “physics edit mode” in the editor that displays the collision model for all entities which works well enough for me.
If I’ll need to see the textures as well I’ll do what you said.

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