[SOLVED] Is there a way to load 3d model with textures in an adjacent folder

I have a collada file with texture in an adjacent folder. I can load the model fine in playcanvas on dragging and dropping the folder but the texture is not applied.
But drag drop in sketchfab.com also applies textures.
I don’t want to have to re-assign materials/textures to each mesh in the model
What’s the best to go about loading the model with material/texture ?

Model is below.

Thanks @anon49240888, So does playcanvas not have the ability to auto apply texture from an adjacent folder which has texture ? That would’ve been really convenient.
Also I’m going to have to embed this myself, with the current model. Can you recommend a software (preferably free) that has the ability to embed texture to fbx ?

I tried Unity, and Sketchfab but they don’t have export/embed option to fbx.

I think Autodesk software can do this, I used to use it when exporting from 3DS Max to Unity.

@Mike_Kennedy thanks, will try it out.

Thanks @anon49240888. Your suggestion helped. After breaking my head for 5 hours, I finally figured out how to export with texture in blender :smiley:
I’ll tell you this though, using blender feels like cracking a mystery puzzle. It’s probably the most difficult and unintuitive software I’ve ever ever used.

Blender is unique for sure :slight_smile: