[SOLVED] Is the server down/challenged right now?

I cannot launch my project (and editor looks weird as well)

  • in case it is server related; then I hope you can sort things out with provider/AWS … I want to work on my project

Launch tab works fine here. Editor looks fine too.

Do you have the same issue with any project such as the tutorials etc?

tutorials work and …
ok, works again now … must have been a glitch (went on for 3 hours though - and I did check my system )

Hmm, I can’t see any issues on our dashboard and there hasn’t been any other reports despite user activity over the last 3 hours :thinking:

(must have been my system still … chrome+opened-tabs → will try and work with an open laptop on the side, for these reasons from now on [max 15 tabs on each workstation])

this forum-page also took 2 min to load (whereas facebook and another semiheavy page loaded instantly)?

Odd that the forum page took so long to load. @yak32, is this something you can quickly look at and see if we had any recent hiccups?

The image you posted above may be related to the number of assets you have in your project. If you have a large number of assets, it may take some time to process pending on the load on your browser at the time.

20 secs is a reasonable time for a large project but it does seem to be asset related based on your screenshot. If you were trying to load our forums at the same time as your project was loading, it would have been impacted as your browser is dealing with something that is CPU intensive

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