[SOLVED] Is PlayCanvas worth learning?

I am Nofil ,a unity user ,I learnt unity for one reason to make 3D product webbased configurators but unfortunately unity webgl is slow as hell and my clients often than not complains about it

is playcanvas good enough for web based configurators ,also can i change loading screens and is it possible to embed playcanavs project on web in such a way that person can change a product in a playcanvas project and price updates depending upon change you make and it take you to check out page ??

Best way I can answer this is to show what other users have made with PlayCanvas with Made with PlayCanvas | Learn PlayCanvas

In particular: Kånken Me

We also have developer spotlights and interviews that specialise with configurators with PlayCanvas:

yauster this is aweomse !!

I wonder what tools very use to make this in addition to playcanvas ,this is exactly what I am looking for

I don’t know off hand but it could be a mix of various libraries on top/with of PlayCanvas. We’ve had people user React for example for the general site and have PlayCanvas as an embed/canvas

I am using Vev as a React environment to showcase embedded PlayCanvas projects.

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Playcanvas is Great game engine, I love it
but in my opinion, I think playcanvas still didn’t have much good tutorial
The beginner is give up easily

This tutorial is 100% the best guide for beginner(at least better than keepyup tutorial)
Create a simple game with PlayCanvas - YouTube

I am trying to use playcanvas to create 2D game without change other game framework now.