[SOLVED] Is It Possible To Replicate 2D Sonic Physics In PlayCanvas?

I’ve been wanting to try and replicate 2D sonic physics for a while, ever since I’ve started coding. It isn’t an easy task, which is why I refrained from making it a couple of times. You see, there really aren’t too many sonic games on PlayCanvas, so making one would kinda help me stand out, but my problem is that I don’t really have a good clue whether or not PlayCanvas is a good engine to make a sonic game with, specifically replicating 2D sonic physics. If it is possible, can someone help me get an idea of what I can do to create one using the PlayCanvas engine and physics system?

Here’s a link to a 2D Sonic Physics Guide online, although it isn’t designed for engines like PlayCanvas: http://info.sonicretro.org/SPG:Solid_Tiles

PlayCanvas is definitely capable of making a sonic game but not with the built in physics engine.

You would have to create your own sonic physics system and probably write a tilemap loader and renderer.

Well, guess I’m gonna have to use custom physics. For now, this is solved.