[SOLVED] Is it possible to clear cull-based memory

My app is crashing due to user-induced strain on culling.
This is before my extra cull-strain action:


  • and this is after:


No matter what I do debugging-wise (minimize updates, re-enabling cameras after 12 secs. etc), the launch crashes after 15 seconds.

Note: I do use a rendertexture, but not sure how to clear its buffers.
Not sure that clearing VRAM har effect, as I don’t have much complex textures going (at all actually).

Doesn’t matter (found my own mis-code :-/ )

Can you post what the issue was to knowledge share please?

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ahh ok, good approach … well the problem was actually quite banale, as I might have had several personal ‘mind threads’ going while coding

  • should have been coded with my already set boolean at top:
    }   this.defOgCov(); this.setTattooFirst =true;

As such the function kept on loading, outside of my planned scope (and alongside the boolean being set to true, it all works as wished for)

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