[SOLVED] Is it possible to alternate Textures for one Particle System?


So I’m using a particle system and I’m wondering if it’s somehow possible for the particle system to use different textures so you have variations of different particles? (used to visualize various snowflakes)

I would like to avoid multiple particle systems as it could affect performance (mobile target).

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I’m not sure, not an expert in this, but maybe this can be used for similar purpose?

It uses an atlas of 4x4 in this case, representing 4 different types of particles. Not exactly what you’re after I think, but might help?

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Hi mvaligursky,

thanks for the reference. Is there an option to combine / adapt the excample with the playcanvas particle system im already using?

It looks like PlayCanvas Examples is doing exactly what im trying to achieve.

Edit: Nevermind - i think i got it :slight_smile: there is a animation index, so you basically have to create a particle texture with - for excample - 2x2 particles and adjust the tiling inside the particle system. :slight_smile:

Thanks to your reply i could understand how the particle system works - thx.

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