[SOLVED] Is calling playcanvas editor from a custom domain allowed?

I’m asking if there is any license or other requirements/terms to do that, or they don’t exist. Not looking for hacks to achieve that.

The idea is that as a base it’s very useful to make other apps, like for example, decorating houses and moving elements around. Building all the panels, 3D word view, tree and such is a huge undertaking.

I think that would be a very very complex way to go about it even if this was possible.

Perhaps a better start point would be the model viewer GitHub - playcanvas/model-viewer: 3D model viewer supporting glTF 2.0 and PLY (3d Gaussian Splats) for rendering. It already displays the hierarchy and uses PCUI GitHub - playcanvas/pcui: UI component library for the web

You can additionally use gizmos for user friendly way to move the objects around - that would be pretty simple, see an example here: PlayCanvas Examples

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Thanks :slight_smile: