[SOLVED] Invisible directional light question

Hello friends, I would like to know how I can make the directional lights invisible. I have a glass that beautifully reflects a cubemap, but in front of it I have a directional light that produces a white stain on the glass. I need this light but not its reflection in the glass. Is it understood?

I did something like that with creating a different layer for that entity. But it was a puzzle to get everything right.

Sounds like you would have to create your own shader for this as you both want it to be affected by the light and not at the same time.

You could change the properties of the material to be completely matt but I’m not sure what end result you are expecting here.

Something like this but with a cube map reflection?

Thanks @Albertos I will try his. Yeap @youstar in reality it would be more like a glass that only reflects a cubemap and not other things that are in front and around of it (objects, lights, etc)

Sounds like you need a custom shader that ignores the light intensity. The question is will it still look like glass if you don’t have highlights. It will just be a matt surface.

Edit: If you disable lighting on the material, will that give the effect you want?

Fantastic @youstar is solved, many thanks!!