[SOLVED] Invalid Array Length

When we try to launch in csgo in our editor it says ‘Invalid Array length’ at the end of our launch here is our link in editor btw map 1 Here PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski,

I didn’t get that error, got other script related errors:

In general: your map model mesh is too high poly for Ammo.js to handle as a single collision shape effectively:

Try breaking this model into smaller ones with fewer polygons.

Good luck!

P.S. And while you are at it try optimizing your textures, you can lower their resolution and apply Basis compression to start with.

I had to download 330MB of data just to launch your project :wink:


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Sorry our team wasnt aware of that problem Thank you!

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yes im sorry, and we got rid of the high poly maps, we will hand model maps from now on

BTW, it is a common practice to use an invisible mesh for collisions/physics. As an example, you can make a 3d model of a house containing 100000 polygons. But use a box with the same dimensions and only 12 polygons for collisions. It is great for optimization.

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