[SOLVED] Intellisense help

How write comment for full intellisense parameters?

    // source,dest - pc.Texture; posSrc, sizeSrc, posDest - pc.Vec2
    pc.Texture.copy = (source, posSrc, sizeSrc, dest, posDest) => {

show only for method, not parameters

Hi @KpoKec,

I wasn’t aware we were able to add custom intellisense in the Playcanvas editor.

I don’t have an answer for this but Playcanvas uses Code Mirror for its code editor, maybe you can search on their docs about it.

Is this what you are looking for?

You can add a comment section before the method or a function to describe it. The code mirror hints will recognize them.




     * Copy texture to texture
     * @param {pc.Texture} Source texture
     * @param {pc.Texture} Destination texture
     * @param {pc.Vec2} position
    pc.Texture.copy = function(source, dest, posDest) {

Where is pc.Vec2?

Parameters types

I think the custom ones should work in other files, once you add it? Not sure how and when it adds the descriptions to cache memory.

As for the pc.Vec2, the description format is as follows:

@param {type} attribute-name description

So for pc.Vec2 that would be

@param {pc.Vec2} posDest Some optional description here
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All works fine!

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