[SOLVED] Individual control of particles

Good morning everybody

I’m trying to have full control of where each particle is instead of using the emiter parameters, so for example instead of saying max 100 particles, I would pass an array of positions, speed, etc.

I’m digging in the github repository but I feel what I’m looking for is already what the emiter does anyway, so little coding from my part will be necessary if at all.

* Particle system

* Particle.js

Can anyone point me to the correct part of the code?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the behaviour of particle is updated in the emitter. See the call here that updates the particle:

And the update function on the emitter

Thanks yaustar

I’ve been reading particle-emitter.js and it looks exactly what I was looking for.

I made a quick read and it may be possible to access directly to the buffer where the vertices are storaged.