[SOLVED] Importing FBX objects

Hi, I exported a 3D object from Autodesk Alias. When I import the object into unity and when I change the texture it couldn’t change there is a small change in the color but the texture won’t change ? I changed the materiels into default materiel and that didn’t work !! I really need help !!

Unity? Do you mean PlayCanvas? [quote=“Yassine, post:1, topic:3687”]
I really need help !!

You need to share a link to your scene for people here to help you.

Actualy,I use the unity3D engin.

the 2 objects have the same materiel and the same texture but they look different !! that’s the problem !!

I’m guessing you should be using the Unity 3D forum? This is PlayCanvas it’s a different engine…

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Ok thanks, I was searching for the topic “Importing fbx files” I thought that the problem is commun in different engins