[SOLVED] Imported fbx missing faces

I created a model of a coin to use in a sort of lottery scratch card game. Problem is, the fbx file is missing faces in places that don’t make sense to me. I used blender to make the model, and everything looks fine when I import the fbx back into blender. Help?

Here’s the project with the coin in it.

Are the normals correct on those faces? Or are the faces completely missing?

The geometry for the coin is not well constructed. The faces on the ‘teeth’ around the edge of the coin are not planar. If I import the coin into Maya and triangulate the model, it’s fine (the triangulated coin is on the right):


  • Avoid creating non-planar polygons.
  • Try to weld mesh vertices where possible (avoid things like T-junctions in your mesh topology).

Triangulating the model seems to have fixed, and I’m not quite used to using blender yet. I only started using it a couple of weeks ago because I have the student version of Maya, and can’t use the models I make with it for non-school related projects.

As for the non-planar polygons, I hadn’t realized that had happened. Next time I try something like this I’ll add edges in to separate the faces.

All of the teeth where extruded from the flat face of the inner rim, which I guess is how the non-planar polygons were created. The lower surface of the coin was vertex welded to the teeth and rim however.

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