[SOLVED] Iframe problem on mobile


Hi, i put an app here with iframe …

But many customer tell me they have a problem when he comes in after the phone.

Error : “a problem has repeatedly occurred”

What can i do?

Hi @Daniel_B! On my device too. My experience is that it mostly happens on heavy projects. For example if you use a lot of high quality textures.

Hi @Albertos. What can i do?

If that’s the case you can downscale the textures.

@Albertos Please you can try now? I put low power and smaller resolution. Thank you very much.

Yes, it works now! :partying_face:

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Usually when this happens, it’s due to being out of VRAM on the device. You can either use Basis to compress the textures so that they use less VRAM (Texture Compression | Learn PlayCanvas) or reduce the dimensions of the textures.