[SOLVED] I would like to have help with collision

I am trying to make my models not able to go through I can do that but i can go through parts of it Link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @MapleSryupDog,

I think you are doing it right, you just need to add collision/rigidbody components to all of your models. For example this building is missing both:

Hey thanks but like the cars when I test them I can’t go through them but I can alittle bit in the trunk
The ramps are going be hard too because I want them not to be able to go through but I still want to get on them

And the police station I can go through the back off it but if I make it to big I can’t go to it

You need to use more accurate colliders for your cars, instead of a simple box. Try using a compound collider, it allows you to create your collision shape using multiple shapes. Check this example:


For your ramps use a Mesh collider to get an accurate collision shape, note this works only for static (non moving) objects.

ok thank so I need help again Do you know to make it so I can get in and out of cars and drive them?