[SOLVED] I need help to setup playcanvas-sync

I am trying to setup playcanvas-sync, but i got this error in node.js

That’s how i setup it

is there something wrong?

Looks like you are using backslashes which need to be escaped.



Can you also add


To .pcconfig please as that gives more debugging information

I got this

That looks really odd. It doesn’t even look like you are running pcsync.

What command did you run to get that?

pcsync pullAll in the playcanvas-sync folder

That’s super weird.

Unfortunately, without actually setting it up for you its going to be difficult to give more support as mentioned on the Discord. We’ve had users set this up on Windows so it’s unlikely to be an issue with the tool itself on Windows.

I really don’t know where is the problem because i tried everything before i post this form

Problem is solved now thanks for support specially @yaustar

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