[SOLVED] I need a 3D animation app

I am trying to find an app that can make 3d models with skeletons (for animations).
Does anyone have a Suggestion?

Hi @Kyle_3_1415,

Blender is good, powerful and free:


Thanks, I was Looking for that, because I was using tinkercad, but they don’t have skeleton functions.

I think you can definitely add bones and assemble a skeleton (armature) in Blender. It’s just a bit advanced I think, you may be able to find tutorials online on the matter.

Unless you are asking about something else when you say skeleton?

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I second Leonidas’ suggestion of Blender. I used to be solely a programmer but slowly learned how to use Blender over the last two years. It’s actually a very simple and straightforward tool. I recommend you look at this tutorial (Though I’d get familiar with the tool first): RPG graphics E02: Character rig [Blender] - YouTube


Thanks For the help guys :grin: Cheers!