[SOLVED] I get errors in my code, and don't know how to debug?

There are a bunch of errors in this script and I don’t know why. Please help!

Please do name the topic with a specific name, topics with such name “Errors for seemingly no reason” have no informative use.
99.9% reason for errors in code is due to errors in your code, that you do something wrong and have bugs. You need to debug your code.

Here is great article on debugging JavaScript: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/javascript-debugging

Yes, but I need to know what the errors are. Sorry for not being specific. I’m on an iPad and can’t see them.

Never mind. Fixed the script.

It’s really hard to do actual programming on an iPad because you don’t have quick access to a debugger. I don’t know any programmers who program without the help of a debugger. You can presumably debug by connecting your iPad to a Mac and view the Safari Development Console from your Mac but if you have a Mac then why not use that to program? Anyway just a suggestion :smiley: