[SOLVED] I can't select a conditional operator in animStageGraph panel

hi everyone

Which one knows why I can’t select a conditional operator in animStageGraph panel?
Look this screenshot

Hi @Partical and welcome,

Is your walk of boolean type? If that’s the case then I think it’s expected for the dropdown to be disabled, you can only select as a condition true or false (using the checkbox).

Try changing the type to float or integer and try the droplist again.

Wonderful,it’s correct. thx a lot.

I have another question about animStgaeGraph panel:
How to connect 3 actions when I pressed keyboard.
(I have a set of actions about jump, which consists of three actions: jump up, jump float and jump down)


Check this example project, it showcases a keyboard transition between two states, from there you can add a third one depending on your conditions.