[SOLVED] I can not login

When I log in, I am prompted:
Are you sure you’re not a robot? Please complete the CAPTCHA.
However, there is no place to enter the verification code.

Hi @lll! What verification code you mean? Is there a CAPTCHA on the screen?

There is no place where you need to enter the verification code, but there is a prompt when you enter the account password, and you cannot log in

It’s working correct on my device. Maybe you can try another browser?

To what @Albertos said, can you check if you have one or more browser extensions that may be conflicting with that?

Disable them and try again.


I changed several browsers, but there was no verification code, and I can’t log in now.
If you enter the wrong password many times, will you be prohibited from logging in?

If you enter a wrong password too many times, you will have to confirm that you are not a robot. This is not possible in your case, because the CAPTCHA is not visible. Calling @yaustar or @will to take a look at this.

Is Google blocked in China? If so, that would be why it the captcha is not showing up as that’s supplied by Google.

I’m talking with team to see if we can reset that manually for you.

Can you DM me your PlayCanvas username please?

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Thank you very much. I logged in yesterday without using the verification code

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