[SOLVED] HTML Elements block UI with Fill Mode Keep Aspect on IOS

I have a div element cover entire canvas and a button component created in editor that displays log every it is clicked/pressed on. When I change Fill Mode in Rendering setting to Fill Window I can press just fine. However when I switch to Keep Aspect, it does not show log no matter how many time I press the button (or show 1 time only when reloading page and press the exact button’s location).

  • Is this a bug or perhaps I misunderstand something?

Here is link to test project: link

Sorry, I’m not clear on the reproduction steps and expected behaviour here?

This is what I see so far

Sorry for not making it clear enough.

This is what it look like on Safari on my phone (11 Pro) with keep aspect mode. The log shows once only no matter how many times I pressed.

This is with Fill Window mode which I expect the Keep Aspect mode to be the same.

Odd. It seems to be related to the div you’ve created and iOS specific.

Removing the div means that the button works fine on iOS

On Android, it all works fine too (both Keep Aspect and Fill Window)

I’m really not sure what iOS Safari is doing different here to be honest

I solved the problem, I just need to add style pointer-events:none to the div.

Thanks @yaustar, for taking time looked into this.