[SOLVED] How would I respawn my player if they fell off the map?

So in my game when someone falls they just keep falling and falling and they have to reload the page to respawn but when they do that it makes another capsule as this is a multiplayer game. How would i either teleport the player back to spawn or just kill them and then respawn them? Please any help would be nice

I know some code for that

Can you help me with it?

i can add u to my project

Hey @Granted and welcome! For this you might want to store an initial position vector containing the place where the player was supposed to spawn at originally(or wherever you want the player to return to after falling) and then once you detect the event of the player falling, you can use teleport to move them back(assuming you use Rigid bodies and Collisions, i.e basic physics, on your player). You can detect the player falling easily by having a collider below the “ground”, and detecting the collision when they fall like so.

Hello and welcome.

Very simple solution:

put this inside your init()

// clones the spawn point of the player when game is loaded
this.spawnPoint = this.entity.getPosition().clone();

put this inside your update()

if (this.entity.getPosition().y < -50) {

You can change the -50 to whatever you like or you can maybe add a check to see if your player is falling on the y axis for some time and then teleport them back to the original spawn position.

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really new to this kind of stuff so where exactly should i put it and should i make a new script or what. also thank you for helping out

wait i figured it out. Thank you so much!!!