[SOLVED] How to run Playcanvas tests

Hi, I’m new to Playcanvas and node, but I’d like to contribute to the development of the engine.

I would like to know how to run the tests and what test framework is used so I can make new tests.

Looking at the tests folder in GitHub, looks like it uses https://qunitjs.com/

Usage is shown on the page: ($ qunit 'tests/*-test.js')

Any chance you could provide a command line example? I’m having difficulty getting a test to run in qunit.

Actually, I’m an idiot.

It looks like the PlayCanvas team have wrapped the tests into a webpage.

To run the tests, just open tests/all_tests.html which runs all the all the tests in the subfolders as it just links to other tests (one in each subfolder for each area of the project).

Bear in mind that the last time the tests were updated was 8 months ago so some of the existing tests may already be out of date.

Ah thank you very much. Duh xD I should’ve seen that sooner too lol. Most of them seem to be outdated, but it will still be a handy reference.