[SOLVED] How to paste into the browser more than once

I’ve just set up a scene to accept text that has been pasted in. This works fine once, but I’d like to get it working for multiple paste events.

Here’s a link to a public project…


Also, here’s the ideal way to test it - Play the link, open up the console ( F12 ), copy some text, then Control+V paste it over the 3D window ( possibly after clicking on the window first ).

The above should work great.

Now, try to paste the text in again ( try copying and pasting new text etc ) - this doesn’t seem to work, after the first paste.

It’s very strange that it just works once!

You’re not passing the correct parameters to addEventListener. Check out the API reference for that function:

Deleting the third parameter (this) makes your code work.

Cheers for the info @will!

I ended up using the other method that was in the project but I’ll change it now to use addEventListener correctly.

I updated the example to show the correct method ( keeping the incorrect one for reference ).