[SOLVED] How to open the URL of another PlayCanvas build

Hi, I am not sure this is possible.
I want to call a website (where my other playcanvas build is running)
with my playcanvas build.

Is it possible?

I am thinking to adjust dynamically for the growth.
While I keep the original build rather in tact, While keep changing the other build…

Do you mean real-time multiplayer?

Not entirely sure what you mean here.

Can you go into more detail on what you want to achieve here please?

I think he meant another branch

Check this:

Let’s say you have two different projects and self-hosted them in different website.

While you are running one, is there a way to load (call) the other website?

You can quit from the one you are running or leaving it to go back with a back button (this is better).

Maybe I don’t know a simple command. But this is my question.

You basically want to connect 2 applications. That both are made with Playcanvas is just a nice coincidence, but you could connect Playcanvas with Babylon JS, or Playcanvas with your car. At the end of the day is the same.

You’ll probably need a server to be the bridge between both systems. In your example I would build a system so these 2 applications could interchange JSON packages, which could contain data or commands.

In the server side you’ll need something like websockets or mqtt , and each application should have the necessary logic to receive and send packages, and react to them.

Think about Playcanvas editor. One thing is the editor itself (application 1) and the other is when you run the application you are designing from the editor in the player (application 2). When in the editor (application 1) you add, manipulate objects, scripts attributes… these changes are reflected in real time in your player (application 2).

The good news is that this is an old topic which a lot of smart people has worked out. The bad news is that is not a straightforward one.

More on the topic.

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Hi @lenvanthis!


Maybe this is what you are looking for?

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Yes. This is what I was looking. Thank you so much Albertos!!! And thanks everyone who participated in this thread!

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