[SOLVED] How to move towards scene in cubemap

Hello, I’m new to this forum and to Playcanvas. I’m still trying to learn everything. I have a question. I know that the cubemap is a 2D scene, but when one presses the Arrow keys on the keyboard, I would still like to give the effect of moving towards the cubemap scene at least somewhat. Thus, I was wondering how do I scale the cubemap while the moving on the platform too. I hope this makes sense.

Here’s my scene: http://playcanv.as/p/ed3c31a4.


You’d like to make it look like you’re approaching the surrounding environment as you move around correct? In that case you should not use a skybox, as the skybox is basically always the same distance from you camera. Instead you can create a box or a hemisphere, surround your scene with it and assign textures inside the box or hemisphere so basically instead of a cubemap, you have a 3d object placed in your scene. That way when you move around you will be approaching the faces of your surrounding mesh.

Does this make sense?

Another note, is that you have enormously huge texture of grass, which is 18mb! This is overly huge and takes too much time to load. For web you want to keep things small and efficient :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks Vaios and Max. I’ll try those things.