[SOLVED] How to make a project private?

How to make project private?

@Amkar Under you project settings there is a check box to make it private. If unchecked it is public.

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Please note that private projects are not available for free users.

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i have a discussion with a team member about not private projects. i have a paid acccount, he not. If he provides some assets in an project which is not private, can this be accessed by “random” users somehow?

Yes because the project is public, anyone can access it if they find it.

All team members need to be on the same paid plan for a project to be private.


Ok Thanks - we where struggeling, because if im hosting the project (previously forked) it neither can be set to private because of his not paid account and i have no organization licence but a single one :wink:

Bit difficult - now we had to delete the reference project

In that case, your other team member should also have a personal subscription so they can be added to the project or just send the assets to you directly via some other means.