[SOLVED] How to make a mini window popup

I want to make a mini window popup, when I click a button, Please explain me the steps am completely new to game dev.

Just make a 2D screen. And change the enabled state of the 2D screen.


  1. Make a 2D screen.
  2. Add a background image in the hierarchy of 2D Screen. (In your case not needed).
  3. Add an entity and add element component to it as type “Group”.
  4. In the hierarchy of the new entity add an image element which will be the mini window background image. (set it’s size according to you need. In this case its small so set width and height like 200 and 400).
  5. Add the other required elements as you needs are (button, text and what ever you need).

Pretty much that’s it.

Make sure to understand pivots first as you will be able to reuse the same 2D screen on multiple devices such as mobile, tablet and pc.


Thanks, It did work.