[SOLVED] How to make a container for a 'Render' (with .glb-file content)

I have forked the ‘Video Texture’ tutorial, and in there; one is presented with this interface, while handling “the Screen on the retro-tv”:

If I try to export my own .glb-model (from Blender), and then create a ‘Render’ (at PC-editor), to hold it, I get stuck [at least in my Windows 10 environment].
I don’t know how to create ‘Container’ - the are no dropdowns for a ‘Container’, and this is all I end up with:

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen! I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I guess the container is just a part of the model. In the tutorial project this is the ‘Screen’ part of the model that is used. You can apply a material (that shows the video) to the meshInstance of this part.

ok, thanks … tried it, but not it :-/ (could easely have been such an issue)
No, in the new editor, the “Render” entity, is definitely a new one

As yauStar has made the(se) Video Texture tutorials (the series of them - been updated from time to time), we/I should wait the wkd over … let him answer monday {ps: the admins are quite good at explaining upgrades from editor-version to ed-version … just not always the case, that it can be sought upon at main page → furthermore: How to know which github-upgradepost to search under (?)}

The render entity is automatic generated if you import an FBX file. You need to enable the options ‘Convert to GLB’ and ‘Import Hierarchy’ for this in your project settings.


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Documentation: Import Hierarchy | Learn PlayCanvas

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ok, at that place (yes the dim is lifting; know that method within the FBX-vs-GLB of-it-all/that conversation )