[SOLVED] How to import FBX with material

I have a model in OBJ format with a MTL material file. I used the AutoDesk FBX converter to convert this model into an FBX file. I made sure to enable “Embed media”. When I import the FBX into PlayCanvas, the model is transparent with no material.

I can see the model with the material in the AutoDesk FBX Viewer and it looks correct.

How can I get the material to show up in PlayCanvas?

Can you share the FBX?

Yes, privately. Do you work for PlayCanvas?

I do work for PlayCanvas, yes.

Okay, how can I send it to you?

Private message me a Google Drive/DropBox link maybe?

Private message with FBX has been sent.

Hi. What were problems?! I ask because when I import any fbx, my materials are broken. And I try to understand. =)

@nurdus Are you describing this problem?

This problem I had too. But now I mean that a material loses textures/settings (like diffuse, normals and etc).

Can you provide an FBX file that demonstrates this problem?

Sorry, it was my mistake. I’ve checked file and see problem in my file.