[SOLVED] How to import assets?

im trying to import my first module but i have some problems
projct link : PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@SUPER_ME Hi and welcome. I understand that you are new to this kind of programming and encourage you to learn all about Playcanvas. To find weapons and other assets for your game you could go to this page to find a lot of free resources for your game. It’s OK to create your own but maybe it’s a good start to use some others before you learn how to create your own.

You will probably need to go through some tutorials as well to get you started.


Also, feel free to search this forum for possible answers to questions you may have or examples.

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ok ty

@Tirk182 i can not import moudle that i download from market.pmnd.rs

I am not familiar with this site but maybe you will have better luck with these. Keep in mind that it is best to get .FBX files to use as assets in your games.



@Tirk182 i import that but i cannot load it on scene as template
if i do it it looks i add add a new entity

@SUPER_ME Would you be able to send a link to your project? So just a review.

First you downloaded some assets to your PC and unzipped
Then you dragged the .Fbx files one at a time into a folder in the bottom of your project.
Next you dragged one of the objects either into your root or dropped it on your plane.

At what point do you have issues?

This is a link that I sent previously. Which one of these steps did not work?



You need to drag the part below into your scene.


I notice the scale is a little bit small, try to set the scale to 1 for each axis.


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ooh ty it fixed

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