[SOLVED] How to get high resolution screen shot

HI, I am working with your screen shot project. In my phone the the quality of the image is good but not up to the mark.
Is there a way that i can get a high resolution screen shot image?
I have also enabled device pixel ratio.

Hi @Ashish_Rana,

You will need to update the render target in code to use a different resolution, and not the viewport resolution. I think that will allow you to do that.

thanks ill try it out.

If I am not wrong ,I believe these are the places where i am suppose to change the resolution. for now i have just doubled it.

I am able to get the high quality image in my pc but not in my phone.
in my phone i am getting a complete blank image.

What values are you trying? If you don’t change anything, does the original example work on your phone?

yes it does.
I guess the image resolution is too high for the phone to generate.
the blank image is of 5390x8192 dimensions

Yes, most likely that’s it. On most mobile devices you can’t do more than 4096x4096.

let me try to give some specific value and test it out.

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yes setting a bit lower resolution did the work
Thanks @Leonidas.

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