[SOLVED] How to duplicate my own project?


We have a project that is almost done. We would like to use this project to make different versions, for example: version one where 3d scenario would be a beach; version two where 3d scenario would be a big city; version three where 3d scenario would be a country side. Also in each version we would have different functions and commands.

One option to solve our problem is creating different scenes in the same project. But we would like to duplicate the project because we need a finished version to show on our portfolio and keep changing and improving it on version 02, 03, etc. Also we need to keep the size of the project small because it needs to open fast and a new scene would make our project larger.

Anyway, does someone know if we can duplicate a whole project on playcanvas?


You can fork your project which essentially means to duplicate it. Just go to your project and on the top click on the Fork button.

Thanks, Vaios and Tong! You really help me a lot!

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