[SOLVED] How to create mirrored entity?

I want to create mirrored entity / mesh. But I have no idea how to implement it.
Look at the following image, the playbot are not mirrored after rotating. :disappointed_relieved:


Mirroring is achieved through setting negative scale, not rotating. Sadly, Playcanvas also flips normals when negative scale is detected, so the model looks as “inside out”. I mentioned this issue here: Instances + Mirror geometry wrong normals

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Does that mean we can not do it in playcanvas ?

You could disable backface culling on the materials for your mirrored model, but that is not very efficent / right solution to this problem. But if your model is not very complex, it could work just fine.

Hmm, I read your post above. And I want to make the car wheel mirrored too !

If yout just want to achieve mirrored mesh, I would suggest you to do the mirroring in modeling software, freeze the transformation (negative scale) and import both base and mirrored mesh separately. That way, you wont have any negative scale.

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Thanks for your suggestion!