[SOLVED] How to create a jet exhaust effect by particles

Hello fellas

I wanna ask for some tips about making jet exhaust effect.
I’ve tried to config particle system, but it doesn’t seem to work nice.

Maybe somebody did it before or can share a workflow?
I found something similar on Unity, but how I know, it’s particle system different.

For example, have a look at one of my problems. Even If I set 1000 particles, when I move emitter, it looks like I have only around 5 particles at all.

How can I make it more smooth or whatever?


My first thought is - less particles and more emitters :slight_smile: How about having 4 emitters and then adjusting their position based on the actual world position units the ship moved in a frame? Stretching them out along the inverse of this.entity.forward?

It might even work with 4 positions at regular distances in the editor, maybe turning on an extra one as the speed passes certain thresholds?

Like, when ship is idle use first emitter, and when started to move, another one, and when it approach max speed third one?

I didn’t get the first idea :frowning:

Yeah - like that. The first idea was basically working out where they should be in code :slight_smile:

(The first idea in pseudo code)

vectorOfMovement = currentPosition - positionLastFrame
start = emitter[0].position
for i = 1 to 3
   start = start + vectorOfMovement
   emitter[i].position = start

Just updated that for playcanvas destructive “.scale()”

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Well, I did it.

You can see cubes - it’s emitters for now.

So it really looks better!

Probably, I need to put them little inside of ship, to fill the distance between nozzle and flame?

Anyway, thanks a lot!

Yeah looks good!!! - Yeah I think you could bring them inside the ship, it’s clearly taking a frame or something for them to get going.

Yes, I’ve just subtracted movementVector from the first emitter position and it works like a charm!

Okay, now it’s perfect for me!

Thanks Mike!