[SOLVED] How to create a flame with the particle system?

I’m currently developing a boss fight and would like to make a flame thrower attack but I’m not very good at using the particle system. If anyone would be willing to help me make some cartoony fire please do

Hi @WilliamBoersma31! A good way to start is using the tutorial project below. I think you can achieve a fire effect if you play around with the settings.


Do you have an example?

I used that tutorial to make a death effect and I would like something similar to that just more horizontal, more stripped down and looping

A visual example would be nice.

Here I Made This (Terrible) Concept Art

Something like this?


That is perfect.
May I use it if I credit you?

Of course, I made it for you, no need to credit me.


Thank You This Is Going To Save Me My Sanity

Hey @Albertos I’m using the flame thrower effect and it works great but I created a holder entity that contains the all the parts and I duplicated it and attempted to mirror to the other side of my battle arena and it worked except the particles started going right and it won’t let me rotate it what should I do here?

here is the link to the scene

You can change the direction and length of the flame by playing around with the velocity and local velocity of the particle system. I have updated the sample project for you.

Ok is there a way to make just point in it’s forward vector?

I’m not a particle system expert. If I have some time I will see what I can get.

K thanks

I would think that you would just need to use the Z-axis in the particle system and align it accordingly to it’s parent object. I’m not sure, but I would give that a try.

If you keep the velocity of the particle system on zero and only use the local velocity, you can rotate the flame effect with the entity. I have updated the sample project.

Ok thanks