[SOLVED] How to change the color or texture of the walls

plz guide me i am creating project here

i have created some sphere of colors it is also working fine with sphere picking but i want when i through that sphere to wall or floor or any object when make collision the color or texture will change plz help with similar project or with the code

many thanks

Hi @rehman97!

With which part do you have problems?

Maybe the topic below can help you.

it displaying error

Can you please share the editor link of your project so someone can take a look?

hey Albertos sure i can share the link but i have solve the switching color issue now their is one issue in my project it will thanks if you could spare some time and finding the way

the issue is now their is some meterial that will change the colors but now others like texture one plz go through the project and their are some colors in the cornor i have created when you click them some color of wall change but i want to share like chairs others wall etc

here is the link

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what your current problem is. Can you please use punctuation marks in your sentences and rephrase your question?

sure the current issue I am facing is that i have created a showroom of cars collection. I have downloaded that fbx file from other source. now I want to change the wall colors but it didnt working. their is some wall of that room do changing the colors. perhaps that is a plain material.

so I want from you that plz go through my project and analyse why the others wall or other object not changing the colors.

I hope you can understant now. if still you dont get then would you can do google meet if you have time to talk

many many thanks

as you can see some wall changing the colors

Thanks. I will take a look later today.

Can you also share the editor link of your project please?

sure here is it PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I’ve debugged your project and found out that the textures applied to the Roof material, blocking the visibility of the Diffuse color. (Not sure if this is as expected).

If you remove the textures from the material, you can see the color.

Albertos Thanks for helping that’s the problem. will you tell me how to change the texture. how can I switch texture between them

now i am learning from this scripts

Hi, Hope you are in good health, plz take a time just see this project, it will complete soon, here is the link

I want to change the texture I had saw documentation of texture switching runtime but their is problem in my script I want to change that texture when i click the particular texture button. her is screen shot

the issue is that how to set only one texture in perticular button where we can easily switch between them

In your current script you only change the Diffuse color. If you want to change the texture you need to modify your script. In the example project below, you can find the setup and script you need.