[SOLVED] How to change light cookie scale?

ok, I know this is a long gone topic - but how about cookeScale in general … struggling with syntax:

var ctU =  this.intensityLL*2; 
var ctV =  this.intensityLL/3;  
var tmpCooksc = new pc.Vec2(ctU, ctV); 
this.larFlimmer.light.cookieScale = tmpCooksc; 
console.log("lightCook: "+tmpCooksc.u);
  • and tried as function also


  • none working

Works fine here: https://playcanvas.com/project/887453/overview/light-cookie-scale

ok, it actually worked anyway … thanks (ps: your example uses ‘.x’ in the vector - which confused me a little → might confuse others)

What do you mean?

Edit: I see what you mean, that was left over from the previous example